About Us

Americans have a love of food, but this love of food no longer translates into a love of cooking. Many of our mothers were fantastic cooks, but they worked full time and in the rush to get dinner on the table by 7, they often relied on semi-prepared foods, like pre-marinated meats or curry mixes. From the perspective of many, cooking seemed like a drag, something that took time and effort in the midst of an already overcrowded schedule.

Many people want to sit down to a nice home-cooked dinner at the end of the day. But they’re far too busy and too inexperienced in the kitchen to make that happen. They eat out a lot, often going to local restaurants or take out venues on their way home from work, behavior fairly typical of their demographic.

In addition, many people wish they had the services of a chef or butler at their disposal. They don’t need these services on a full time basis. But there is a need that an hourly offering of these services would meet.

There is a growing multi-billion dollar market for the American alternative dinner plate market. This multi-segmented market consists of consumers that seek an alternative to eating meals at a restaurant, purchasing fast food or prepared meals, or buying groceries and cooking the meals in their homes. There are numerous companies that are offering meal kits that are shipped into the home to be cooked by the customer.

GigginApp offers an alternative to the meal kit market by offering the advantage of having meals cooked in the home by chefs paid on an hourly basis. Rather than a limited menu, GigginApp’ breadth of recipes is limited only by the available chefs that sign up for the service. Customers can view the recipe specialties of chefs as well as website recipes the chefs are familiar with. They can choose a recipe from these sources or they can request a specific meal. The chefs can then respond as to whether they are capable of preparing the desired meal by accepting or rejecting the assignment. Since the chef is paid on an hourly basis, customers can also request that chefs teach them how to prepare the selected meals, resulting in a learning and social experience. Regional and ethnic traditions are available as a function of the variety of chefs that sign up for the service.

Our Vision
We are a high performing team working in a fun and entrepreneurial environment. Our relationships are open and honest, resulting in trust, respect and care for our customers and each other. We deliver unsurpassed excellence in our products and services. We operate in partnership with our service providers and our customers, responding to their needs with innovative solutions. Our success provides fulfillment and success for our customers, our service providers, and ourselves.